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About Sandstone Stories

We’re always changing — carved by circumstance. But the layers of our history remain, and they tell our stories. When I work with brands, I shape stories that are true to your journey — narratives that honor the values and experiences that brought you here.

Lynnee Jacks Portrait

Lynnee Jacks



I'm a writer, photographer, designer, artist and storyteller, with a creative communications background ranging from large corporations to small nonprofits and local businesses. I have a master's degree in regional development, which brings a unique lens to my experience in outdoor industry development, especially when it comes to sustainable adventure tourism.  

As an avid cyclist, snowboarder, and climber,  I bring a passion for the outdoors to everything I do, and I value working through the lens of sustainability and social equity


I split time between Ísafjörður, Iceland and multiple home bases on the West Coast of the US. I am currently open to new projects both in the US and abroad. 

Hikers in Mountainous Landscape
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