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About Sandstone Stories

We’re always changing — carved by circumstance. But the layers of our history remain, and they tell our stories. When I work with brands, I shape stories that are true to your journey — narratives that honor the values and experiences that brought you here.

Lynnee Jacks Portrait

Lynnee Jacks



I'm a passionate storyteller who wears many hats – writer, photographer, designer, and artist. My background in creative communications spans across diverse sectors, from large corporations to purpose-driven nonprofits and small businesses with a big impact. My unique perspective is further enriched by a Master's degree in regional development, which gave me a lens into the intersection of business, local government, and small communities.

Fueled by a lifelong love for adventure (avid cyclist, snowboarder, climber, & surfer), I bring a deep appreciation for the natural world and a commitment to sustainability and social equity to all my projects.


Currently splitting my time between Ísafjörður, Iceland and the West Coast of the US, I'm excited to collaborate with passionate businesses creating positive change, both locally and internationally.

Hikers in Mountainous Landscape
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