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Case Studies

This is where adventure and creativity converge. These are just a few featured case studies that showcase my range of services, and speak to the power of intentional design and captivating storytelling.


The Earth Gym
Connecting Us to the Land

The Earth Gym is a creative approach to holistic wellness rooted in community connection, and guided by indigenous knowledge.

Rachel Heaton founded the Earth Gym because she wanted to invite her community to get connected to their bodies, each other, and the land they call home. 

We worked together to create a brand identity, website, and photo set that was inspired by her story and passion for holistic wellness and communion with the earth. Now, people all around Washington can work up a sweat in an Earth Gym fitness class, or connect with the land in a meditative nature walk. 

Learn more about

The Earth Gym here.

Outdoor industry event, cycling event
Cyclists riding through the mountains, outdoor adventure

The Westfjords Way Challenge
Curating Cultural Connection through Cycling

In 2022 I helped create the Westfjords Way Challenge, an ultra-endurance cycling event in the heart of Iceland's Westfjords. Centered around community and cultural connection, we prioritized inclusivity by creating scholarship opportunities for underrepresented communities. I developed the entire brand identity and voice, while directing logistics for the race and creative-directing for the photo and film crew, all centered around creating connection, camaraderie and adventure through cycling.

The race is starting on it's third year, and is quickly becoming a world renowned event on the bucket-lists of adventure cyclists around the world. As the race evolves, I continue to guide the event's brand and content strategies so we can welcome even more cyclists to the Westfjords of Iceland. 


Learn more about race here.

Cyclists riding through the mountains, outdoor adventure
Bike and ski shop interior, outdoor industry

The Fjord Hub
Local Adventure Branding

For the Fjord Hub, local recognition and word of mouth is everything. For this start-up adventure hub in the Westfjords, I designed a distinctive logo and simple web platform that embodies the spirit of exploration. We also wanted to create a space that was inviting to the community — where people could meet for a coffee or a beer at the end of their epic days outside.


To create this atmosphere, I painted custom murals that were unveiled at a the official shop-opening. The shop's brand continues to be well-recognized across Iceland, and it resonates with travelers who are beginning or ending their Westfjords' adventures. 

Bike and ski shop interior, outdoor industry
Hikers in the mountains, outdoor adventure
Hikers in the mountains, outdoor adventure

Land For Good

As an ongoing partner with Forterra, I actively contribute to their mission of creating 'Land for Good.'

What started as a campaign coordination role for Earth Day 2020 turned into a long-term partnership that traversed all of Forterra's departments and initiatives. 


Through web design and content management, document and digital design, and creative consulting, I continue to help Forterra to drive positive change and nurture a deeper connection between people and the land they cherish.

Learn more about Forterra here.

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