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Inspiring connection through intentional design.

Wild Pond

Today, connection matters more than ever.
I help passionate small business owners create impactful media that fosters deeper connections with their communities, and empowers meaningful experiences.

Brand Strategy • Web Design • Copywriting & Editing • Graphic Design • Photography • Videography

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Branding for Impact

Elevate your brand identity and leave a lasting impression on those who share your values. From logo design to comprehensive brand guidelines and social media toolkits, we'll craft a story that resonates with your audience and fuels your mission.

Creative Direction with Purpose

We'll lead and direct video and photo teams, ensuring your brand's story, vision, and commitment shine through in every element.

Storytelling that Empowers

Captivate your audience with authentic narratives that speak to their desire to make a difference. I can help your brand's voice connect with those who share your passion and build powerful communities for change.

Intentional Design

From captivating infographics to impactful marketing materials and website redesigns, we can make your brand stand out and reach the people that get you.

Community Building + Event Planning

My journey started as a corporate event planner, but I discovered my niche when I created the world-renowned cycling event, The Westfjords Way Challenge.

Today, I offer expert consultation services for small businesses, specializing in strategies that foster inclusivity and engagement. Everyone deserves to contribute to positive change, and I believe events are a powerful tool to bring people together and make a difference.

Cycling event expo, outdoor industry event
Rock Formation


Lynnee possesses a valuable combination of detail-orientation and creativity—written word and visual design. She juggles complexity and ambiguity well, and can handle all manner of projects with swiftness and thoroughness!

Maura Rendes / REI



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